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The Top 4 Items Every Man Wants In A Woman

Many women report that it is increasingly complicated to find an honest, good man who is committed to a positive and healthy relationship. While there is no science behind the law of attraction, there are actions women can take that will increase their bond with a male counterpart and foster a healthy relationship from the beginning. Make sure all of these things are present, and any relationship will be off to a good start.


One of the most important aspects of any relationship is intimacy. Men are looking for women who are dedicated to them and can be intimate when the time is right. From keeping things spicy in the bedroom to not being afraid to show affection in front of others, a close connection is at the top of every man’s list.

Good Listener

Men are known for being more stoic than women, but when they do open up, it’s important that their partner listens to them. Take an interest in their conversation, and give them undivided attention. This will make them feel validated and know they can always turn to their counterpart when life gets hard.

Goals and Dreams

Most men are looking for a woman who has shared dreams and goals without forsaking their own. It’s important to talk about your lifelong desires so both parties in a relationship can be on the same page and understand one another. Open communication about goals can help foster teamwork and make a couple unstoppable.


Most men are looking for women who have laid back personalities and enjoy having fun. It’s important not to sweat the small stuff, and pick battles wisely. Couples who are having a good time rarely encounter crisis situations, and often have better communication, an increased sex life, and less stress.

Unlocking the key to a man’s heart is no easy feat, but with a little patience and knowledge, any woman can land the perfect guy. Start a new relationship with honesty, and it is a sure-fire way to build a stable connection that will withstand all the trials life may throw. While there isn’t a science regarding the truth about what men want in a woman, there are tips that can help form a strong bond from the get-go.