Traveling on a European vacation

Czech Republic

While Prague is the best known city in the Czech Republic, it does not represent the entire country. Throughout the country, you will find many numerous things to see and do. Let’s look at a few of the highlights from a trip to the Czech Republic.

For starters, Prague is a little known haven for tourists. Since this area was in the center of communist control for many years, its beauty and splendor were masked for years. Now that it is open to the world, it has quickly become a fan favorite. Just try to walk down one of the cobblestone lanes and not get chills. Then you’ll probably be tempted to stop and have dinner at one of their fantastic pubs. Even if you’re the trendy type, you’ll find plenty of upscale bars and restaurants on the downtown scene. Throughout the city are hundreds of old churches that are each beautiful in their own way. Since most of the city was not harmed by World War II, many of the structures remain intact. This makes for an experience unlike most of the rest of Europe.

City of Prague – Old Town

When entering Prague you might be a little shocked. One of the first things many people see is the Panelaks. In layman’s terms these are giant concrete housing blocks. They have a very inhumane and cold feel to them. Most people from the outside can’t imagine living in anything so sterile, but to many this is a way of life. On the outside, they look almost exactly alike from one building to the next. Even the inhabitants sometimes get lost looking for home. While they may be pretty drab, they are relatively safe. If you want to walk around, you should not be scared.

The area also offers many other ways to get around. They have a great public transportation system that features an inexpensive network of bus travel. You can go back and forth from Prague to Brno and Liberac fairly inexpensively. As long as you don’t mind sitting on a bus, this is probably the best way to get around in the Czech Republic.

The Moravske Slovacko Region represents a very unique portion of the Republic. The culture here is rich and unmatched in any other place in Europe. The people help to make this area one of a kind with their traditional attire, music, and food. Any time of the year you may find a spirited festival, filled with song and dance.

If you have an urge for the great outdoors, look no further than the Sumava Mountains. They make a great place for a bike ride or a hike. Some of the trails are treacherous, but many are gentle and winding. If you have the urge to go all natural, the Czech Republic actually offers many nude beaches. Even though it is landlocked, the many lakes offer a place to strip down and get back to nature. Not all beaches are fully nude, so look around a little bit before losing all the clothes.

If you’re in the mood to see a castle, you might as well visit the best in the Czech Republic. Look no further than Karlstejn. This is without a doubt the most breathtaking castle in the Republic. You will not be disappointed. It rests on a beautiful overlook above the Berounka River. Its intimidating towers soar high into the air and make you wonder what people thought of them back in the day. You can enjoy two different tours through the castle if you wish. The first one is more of a generic tour that takes you through the Knight’s Hall, Charles IV’s room, and several amazing treasures. If you want to take the second tour, you better get a reservation ahead of time. Among its features is a trip to the highest point of the castle, the Great Tower. From here you have one of the best views in all of the Czech Republic.

Another highlight of your trip should include the Koneprusy Caves. These caves are quite impressive and include what’s left of a wooly rhino. How many places can claim that? In edition to that you’ll find human bones and a cool temperature year round. This is definitely like taking a trip back in time.

If you’ve never had Czech cuisine, you will most likely find it unique. While you may not be accustomed to it, it is very enjoyable. It is generally a hearty meal crammed full of meat and fatty starches. Prepare to hit the gym when you get back from vacation because the delicious food may pack on a few pounds.

While Germany is famous for its many beers and Oktoberfest, the Czech Republic is actually where modern beer was invented. Considering they invented it, they definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to making a delicious beer. They are experienced in the art and it shows. Wherever you eat, if you like beer it is absolutely essential that you try a few of the local beers. They can be pretty strong though, so be careful!

When traveling through the busy streets be sure to keep your valuables in a safe place. The rate of pickpockets in the area is high and once your wallet is gone, it’s probably not coming back. The last thing you want is to be in a foreign country without any form of identification or money.

Be sure to enjoy the customs of the local culture. The people are generally friendly and will be respectful to you if you are respectful in return. They do enjoy a few different customs though. If you travel there near Easter, they do have a strange custom of spanking women with sticks. They do this in return for candy and drinks, so you might want to steer clear of town during the holiday.

The Czech Republic is an emerging and popular destination within the travel industry. The country is relatively inexpensive and easily accessible, so go ahead and check it out now before it gets too crowded.