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Baden, Austrian Gem

The tradition of an independent history and the continuity of an uninterrupted cultural growth, make Baden a favorite tourist attraction for visitors from all over the world. Not only is it a site of great historical vestiges, but a modern city that tells the tale of Austria in a unique and original way. Residence to the members of the Austrian royal family, Baden is full of old, beautiful villas, restored and open to visitors. Surrounded by castles and antique vestiges, visitors to Baden have a direct experience of the past.

Typical Austrian Valley

When you visit Baden remember that you’re staying on the vestiges of some of the most popular Roman sites in the area. Known as the Thermae Pannonicae, the Roman ruins attract many curious visitors. Once you reach Baden, make sure you don’t leave without taking a closer look at some of the local areas of which the most popular is the Helenental Valley. Lying very close to the city, the valley is crossed by an aqueduct that is part of Vienna’s waterworks.

I would also recommend that you visit the most popular castle in the area, the 12th century Rauheneck. Situated at the entrance to the same great Helenental Valley, the Rauhenck castle is situated on the banks of a river very close to another magnificent and much more recent edifice: the Chateau Weilburg. The latter was built at the beginning of the 12th century by the Archduke Charles of Austria. This “modern” castle bears the imprint of the opulence of a noble family.

Another great Baden tourist sight is the very well-preserved 11th century abbey of Heiligenkreuz. This is a unique place in Baden where visitors can admire the artwork of ancient architects. The entire building is specific to the Romanesque style and includes some very special cloisters and tombs belonging to the Babenberg family. The entire building is living proof of the architectural style popular at the time in an area that was inaccessible to invaders due to the areas rugged landscape.

As for museums and memorial houses, Baden is not short of options. Given the fact that Ludwig van Beethoven used to live here, no wonder the city pays homage to this world famous composer. There is also the Rathausgasse museum open for visitors to admire and learn about various moments in Beethoven’s life. Furthermore, part of the city’s entertainment life revolves around the compositions of the great musician, particularly at the time of the summer festivals.

If you are looking for more active pursuits and Baden’s museums don’t meet your need for hiking, the city’s surroundings are a great opportunity for nature lovers to spend some quality time out in the fresh air. The highest peak in the neighbourhood of Baden takes only three hours to climb. The Hoher Lindkogel also known as the Iron Gate is a popular tourist route that will definitely get your legs working.

Typical Austrian Dessert

Last but not least, try the local cuisine! It is absolutely delicious; whether you go for the wursts (popular sausages) or the other spicy meat dishes, they go very well with the traditional brew. The prices are very reasonable, since nice simple food is part of the Austrian traditional cuisine. Of course there is always room for delicacies and Baden doesn’t dissapoint in that area. Should you want some special dish, it’s good to take the waiter’s recommendation when it comes to making a choice. Enjoy your stay!